Durand Cup 2023: Bengaluru FC Vs Gokulam Kerala would aim for a victory

Bengaluru FC Vs Gokulam Kerala would aim for a victory
Bengaluru FC Vs Gokulam Kerala would aim for a victory

Bengaluru FC Vs Gokulam Kerala FC will meet each other in Durand Cup 2023, a football tournament in India. Here are some details about the game:

  • The match will take place on August 22, 2023
  • Bengaluru FC is the home team and Gokulam Kerala FC is the away team
  • The match will be played in Bangalore which is the hometown of Bengaluru FC
  • Gokulam Kerala FC have already reached the quarterfinals of the Durand Cup by winning their first two matches in Group C.
  • Bengaluru FC have played their first two matches in Group C, so they will need a win in this match to improve their chances of qualifying for the quarter-finals.
  • The game is expected to be competitive as both teams will be looking for a win

Overall, the match between Bengaluru FC and Gokulam Kerala FC in the Durand Cup 2023 is important for both teams as they will want to secure a place in the quarterfinals of the tournament.

What is the history of the Durand Cup tournament?

The Durand Tournament is an annual international football tournament in India which is the oldest club football tournament in Asia and the fifth oldest national football tournament in the world. Here is a brief history of the Durand Cup:

  • Sir Henry Mortimer Durand started this tournament in Shimla in 1888
  • Sir Henry was recuperating from an illness in Shimla in northern India and decided to make a donation to promote sports in India.
  • The tournament was originally established as a football tournament for various divisions, regiments, and territorial divisions of the Indian Army.
  • In 1940, the tournament was moved to New Delhi
  • Due to a lack of sufficient response in New Delhi, the following year, the Durand Cup was moved to Goa during the British Raj period.
  • The tournament became an early tournament after it was established as an independent knockout tournament in 1888.
  • The tournament is named after its founder, Sir Mortimer Durand, Minister of Foreign Affairs in charge of India from 1884 to 1894.
  • The Durand Cup has an impressive legacy and continues to attract fans as Asia’s oldest football tournament.
  • The tournament has seen many Indian football teams participating and has a great history of past winners

Overall, the Durand Cup has a long history and history in Indian football, and its legacy as the oldest club football tournament in Asia continues to attract fans.


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